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lonetobegin: Hey Dasha! I met you at that surf party in Old Street Station on Thursday, wish i could've talked to you more because you're so fab. Anyway, i was wondering if there were any websites that sell really cool/unique decks? I'm after a new one because mine is so so terrible. x

Hey nice to meet you too! It’s hard for me to say, why don’t you have a Β browse? Β Enjoi and Globe and Heroin have some really funky designs. Β X


plaaastic: Hey! I was seeing photos from Johnny's bird website and I saw this awesome bear head backpack that you wear. Can you please tell me where you got it from? thank you so much!! <3

Hey it was Moni’s I’m sure you could find something like that in thrift stores x


Fat White Manson Family

favourite band πŸ’”

r1zutr4n: Hey, just curious, what's your diet / workout routine? :)

Hey I actually don’t work out at all 🐊 I try to eat healthy like sea food veg etc. I stopped eating meat about half a year ago and avoid junk food .

numbscum: vous aves peu de pêche, you are far more lush than any other person i have yet to come into contact with. you, your photography, and your blog provide me with infinite and ever so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes inspiration, and fashion inspiration. i am glad to have found your internet presence. keep spinning the world backwards on it's axis, vous jolie petite âme remplie de lumière.


pluspossibleavecmoinscontre: Hi Dasha, I love so much your work. The ambiance of your photos, your friend models, the clothes, the colors. I know you use analogue, but what type of camera? Can't wait to see your mag CheapTricks :) x

Hey thank you ! I use an old canon camera, the model is EOS5. It’s going to be more of a zine, will be out in the end of July-start of August Xx

ameliawhatsherface: i just wanted to say i loved the work youve done in johnnys bird. i still look at those photos eevery now and then and consider them timeless... have a nice day! (^_^)

Hey thank you it really means a lot to me ! Have a good day too